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Strikeforce, like all mid-sized businesses had a number of systems where user data was captured and none of the systems were kept up to date or integrated with each other.  The various systems are typical and included:

HR, Payroll, Active Directory, Office 365

The project was to create a singe source of truth where the data is entered once and then is shared amongst the other systems.  This would eliminate human error when the data is entered and also save time in the entry process.


Using the tools provided in the Microsoft toolkit such as Power Automate we were able to settle on the accounting system being the source of truth.  Once an entry was created in the accounting system it would then cascade that information across to all the other systems.

Automation Elements


With the automation complete now when a user is onboarded they are automatically crated in Office 365, added to Active Directory, Payroll and the automated Org Chart system.  Simalrly when an employee is exited from the HR System they are autmaticaly inactive in Active Directly and their licences removed in Office 365.

This saved the business thousands of hours of repetitive and costly work.