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We specialise in integrated your M365 applications with your other business applications.   No more double handling or missed information, our integration services allow for automation and a single source of truth for your information.

SharePoint and Docusign

Automatically send newly created documents for signature to DocuSign from SharePoint.  Get automatic notifications, reminders when a document is signed and automatically save signed documents to SharePoint.

PowerBI and your Xero Business Data

Create real-time dashboards and business performance reports in Power BI with your business data in Xero.  

Website Contact Info to SharePoint to Mailchimp

When a website contact is generated automatically add to a SharePoint List and Mailchimp list.

Optimise SharePoint to enable greater collaboration and drive efficiency.

Automate workflows and tasks to streamline business processes.

The ultimate messaging app for your organization—real-time collaboration and communication

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